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    PurpleWebs Consulting, LLC has in-depth knowledge and expertise of both proprietary and open source virtualization technologies, including VMware and Microsoft HyperVisor, our Virtual Server consultants objectively assess and deploy the optimal solution to fit your unique needs. Our approach is to take a holistic view of an organization's environment and to support the entire virtualization technology life cycle, from planning and assessments to design and implementation as well as ongoing management, training and support.


    With years of experience optimizing, managing, securing and supporting complex, mission-critical data center environments for leading businesses, s server virtualization consultants are uniquely suited to objectively assess, design, implement and support the right virtualization solution to meet your business goals and IT requirements.  PurpleWebs Consulting, LLC is a leading server consolidation consulting firm whose customers rely on us for our:


  1. Proven methodology and best practices

  2. Multivendor, multi-platform expertise across a wide range of data center systems, platforms and technologies

  3. Extensive experience working with enterprise customers with high-availability data center needs

  4. Focus on enabling the customer and commitment to delivering the highest standard of service and support


When to Use Virtualization

Virtualization is the perfect solution for applications that are meant for small to medium-scale usage.  You want to prevent CPU utilization from exceeding 50% during peak loads.  Running several servers on a single physical server will elevate the peak CPU utilization but optimize overall usage since the peaks and valleys of the virtual operating systems will tend to cancel each other out.  For servers with extremely high storage or hardware I/O requirements, you might want to run them on bare metal even if their CPU requirements can be met inside a Virtual environment.


Disaster Recovery Benefit

As an added bonus of virtualization, you get improved disaster recovery capabilities because the virtualized images can be used to instantly recover all your servers.  Ask yourself what would happen now if your legacy server died.  Would your business even be capable of rebuilding and reconfiguring all of your servers from scratch?  With virtualization, you can recover that Active Directory and Exchange Server in less than an hour by rebuilding the virtual server from the virtual server image.


Not Sure Which Virtualization Solution to Choose?

At this moment, the Microsoft's Hyper-V and VMware are the two leading server virtualization solutions.  The competition is especially true with Windows Server 2008 R2.  We have experience in deploying both and provide a
VMWare versus Hyper-V comparison.  We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your environment to guide you to an appropriate product in an unbiased fashion.

Contact our Server Virtualization Consultants today for a detailed analysis of your requirements.