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PurpleWebs Consulting, LLC is an independent IT training company.
  • We deliver a full range of IT and business skills training through innovative learning methods that will help transform your business and help students reach their goals.
  • Our instructors are well versed on Microsoft Office products, such as Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, and others.
  • What good does it do your company to roll out the latest software or technology if your employees are not trained to use it?
  • We work together with you to design a roll out plan for the software that aligns with your staff’s training.


Benefits of Training

It is widely known the companies that have a healthy training culture report the following benefits:

  • improved quality
  • increased productivity
  • greater flexibility and responsiveness to change
  • less wastage
  • increased staff loyalty
  • higher staff retention rate
  • improved morale

Perhaps the most important benefit of a healthy training culture is that your staff’s training is formally recognized, and that your employees feel that their contributions to the company are valued.

Developing a training culture

An organizational training culture starts with the owner or manager.  A management team that is knowledgeable about training issues will send the message that your company cares about the professional development of staff, and that training is part of the way the company’s internal development plan.

A training culture is not something that develops overnight.  It needs to be fostered and encouraged. Although building a training culture can be hard work, PurpleWebs Consulting, LLC will work with you to successfully developed a training program that is of high quality and effectiveness.

We work with you to develop a close collaboration and open communication between management and staff on training issues.

Training Costs

If your company does not currently have a training budget, we work closely with you in developing one will assist you in deciding whether proposed training plans can be supported.  It is important to include all training costs, direct and indirect, in a training budget.  We provide “Up Front” cost to training so that there are no hidden costs.

The direct costs of training may include:

  • the training provider's fee
  • the cost of training materials, if they are not included in the course fee
  • travel and accommodation costs for participants, if necessary
  • development of training materials, if appropriate

The indirect costs of training may include:

  • the cost of temporarily replacing staff, or the cost of productivity loss while they are being trained
  • the cost of management time spent setting up the required training
  • any administrative costs and utilities related to the training activity

The size of your training budget and the proportion of direct and indirect costs will depend on the training option you choose. As with any other business expenditure, there are fixed costs and variable costs associated with training, which means that usually the more training the company provides, the lower the cost per staff member.

Having a training plan and budget that dovetail with your business plan and overall budget will ensure that your training activities are consistent with your business goals and objectives.

Training will then become both an investment and a tool that can assist in getting the best performance possible from your staff, at the same time increasing their job satisfaction.

Contact PurpleWebs Consulting, LLC today, and let one of our Sales Associates discuss your needs.

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