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    PurpleWebs Consulting, LLC offers assistance with your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning, designing, implementation, and testing.


    Many companies offer a solution based on their specific product, such as hardware, or software.  At PurpleWebs Consulting, LLC our solutions are NOT vendor dependent, but rather client dependent. We focus our efforts on your specific needs and requirements, and evaluate solutions with you, until we (the client and PurpleWebs Consulting, LLC) find the perfect match. 

    We understand that with all the possible solutions things can get rather confusing quickly, and the last thing you want to do is make a decision that may affect you for years to come. We’ll be in your corner serve as an unbiased, totally independent technical expert to make sure that your specific requirements are met.

    Don’t make such an important decision all alone! Let us help. Contact us!

    Disaster Recovery - Planning Process

    PurpleWebs Consulting, LLC helps customers understand the four important phases to the recovery planning process.

1.    Risk and Business Impact Analysis
This analysis helps prioritizes a company's business functions and resources, and identifies those systems that must be restored immediately to continue business as normal, those that can wait a while to be restored later, and those that are non-business effecting.  This phase also identifies and plans and steps that prevent minor events from becoming disasters.

2.    Strategic Planning
PurpleWebs Consulting, LLC helps evaluate a wide range of recovery alternatives for critical business functions.  We help our clients balance initial costs and ongoing costs with recovery time frames for each strategy.  Only with an objective comparison of costs and benefits, can a business make an informed decision regarding their recovery capabilities.

3.    Business Continuation Plan Documentation
The documentation phase outlines all systems and helps organize employees into critical recovery teams.  This planning gives each team specific objectives, resources and procedures to help facilitate their recovery.  PurpleWebs Consulting, LLC helps companies choose from the best format for their business continuation plans by business function, product line or specific location.

4.    Testing, Training and Maintenance
Without testing and training, any Disaster Recovery plan is useless.  PurpleWebs Consulting, LLC helps a company run through mock exercises so employees can familiarize themselves with their roles and plan of action.  This process also helps to bring to light any unforeseen, or overlooked steps.  An effective Disaster Recovery plan is as ever-changing as a company, and it demands constant updating as these changes occur.


    We outline four levels of disaster recovery planning services depending on your desired recovery time.

    Virtualization: Virtual server images based on VMware, XEN and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology can be hosted at multiple data centers. These virtual servers can be uploaded, activated, updated 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  This increases your ramp uptime and can have you running in hours instead of days or weeks.

    Hot-Site: A mirror's system of a customer’s production servers, or IT system will be located at different data center. System data is frequently synchronized via a network using a choice of industry leading data synchronization and replication software. When customer's production system goes down, services will fail over to the mirrored site in a few minutes or less. Additional benefits to having a Hot-Site include testing of upgrades, patches, new setups in an environment other than your live production systems.

    Cold-Site: A list of hardware needed to run mission critical systems will be outlined.  A plan is designed to have such hardware ready immediately upon customer's declaration of a disaster. We help the customer outline these servers and network equipment in their fail over data center.  We can immediately have techs assist in restarting the cold site.

    Online Data Storage: Critical data (databases, server images, etc) is replicated or backed up to the Customer’s backup storage systems. Customer systems are restored from such backup data to hardware that will be purchased by customer and delivered to their data center upon declaration of a disaster.

    Email us @ Sales@PurpleWebs.com

    Or call us @ 973-336-1162